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Freelance Camera

Experience with a wide variety of DV Cameras including (but not limited too):

  • Panasonic DVX100a (Own)
  • Sony PD150 - PD170
  • Canon XL1 / XL1s

Experience with the following larger professional cameras:

  • Sony D30 - DigiBeta
  • JVC Beta
  • ARRI SR2/SR3
  • ARRI BL3


  • Flat Rate- DV Camera: $250.00 / day - DVX100a



Flat Rate: $50.00 / hr (minimum 4 hrs)

Editing Reel can be seen by clicking the link to the right of the page.



1 Camera, No Editing, Flat Rate: $650.00 - Baseline package

For Further Packages and to get a quote for your wedding needs, please click the link to the right and we can give a quote for you based on your alloted budget and recommend the optimal package for your needs.

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